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Prices derived from Yahoo Finance streaming quotes & updated every 60 seconds.

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Cotton producers can now get the their reports online.  Data is updated every day at 5 pm. Available reports are listed below.

Available Reports:

  • field production report
  • bale report by farm & field
  • bale report by grade/staple/mic
  • producer load report
  • year-to-date producer totals
  • year-to-date farm totals
  • farm totals by FSA number
  • bale dispisition summary by farm
  • bale analysis
  • loads in yard to gin
  • ginning statements
  • gin performance summary
  • RFID listing


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For several years Ron has been producing the newsletter which provides insights into the outlook for cotton crops, prices, weather, government reports and more. Get the information from a concise single source. Join the hundreds of interested parties who benefit from reading what Ron has to say.